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Individual Giving

It takes gifts at all levels to help the RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California. Every gift makes a significant difference in the lives of the children the organization serves.


Corporate Donations

Your donation supports and assists the children to develop to their full potential. You can touch someone’s life and make a difference right now. Your gift today can make a difference and will help change a child’s life!


Planned Giving

A permanent endowment allows the RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California, a program of the California Scottish Rite Foundation, to plan confidently for the future. Let us help you plan your giving options.

Letter From a Parent

You Can Make a Difference….

“It is difficult to find words to express thanking you for saving our child’s life. This is what you have done. You took our beloved child, destined for failure and heartache, and pointed him in the direction of happiness and success.”

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Shriners Children’s has been providing hope and healing to children for more than 100 years. Our compassionate, prestigious doctors and care teams are committed to excellence in pediatric care.

The California Scottish Rite Foundation’s life-changing speech-language and literacy programs provide opportunities for children to improve their communication skills and self-confidence. Our RiteCare Childhood Language Programs offer best-in-class, individualized services that address the needs of developing children and their families. Funding from our donors and granting foundations facilitate the resources our Speech-Language Pathologists need to empower children with increased independence, decreased frustrations, and a pathway to academic success, at no cost to the families. Our donors are proud to give, knowing their contributions drastically improve thousands of children’s lives every year.




The RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California, a program of the California Scottish Rite Foundation, provides speech, language, and literacy treatment of childhood language disorders at 19 RiteCare Childhood Language Centers in communities across California, free of charge.

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Families create a lifetime relationship with their Speech-Language Pathologists. The CASRF has partnered up with some of California's top Universities to develop and nurture future practitioners, all while helping children gain confidence in becoming better communicators. We are able to provide this best-in-class service as a result of the donations from our community.

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The California Scottish Rite Foundation has entered into strategic partnerships with several private practices in order to offer a greater breadth of services to a wider range of children in various communities. 

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The California Scottish Rite Foundation offers scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate studies to students who are California residents maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA and 12 units per term.  All awards are paid out half in August and half in February of each year of the award.

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The California Scottish Rite Foundation is dedicated to support and assist children in California by providing childhood speech-language, literacy, and education programs for a lifetime of improved communication and confidence.
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Picture of a sad boy
Picture of a sad boy.




Help children speak and communicate clearly.

Does my child need speech-language therapy?

Children begin learning from the moment they come into the world. For most children speech and language skills develop naturally from interaction with parents, siblings, and others in their environment. From an infant’s first smile to a two-year old's first sentence, these developmental milestones lay the foundation for successful communication throughout their lives.

However, many children have difficulty learning because of underlying communication delays or disorders. The Department of Education estimates that 5% of children in the U.S.A. suffer from some sort of communication impairment.


Communication delays and disorders fall into one or more of the four basic areas of development:

  • Processing or understanding sounds and spoken words

  • Expressing oneself with meaningful words using correct grammar and word order

  • Blending like sounds together in the correct sequence to be understood

  • Using language in a meaningful, purposeful manner in all communications

Because language is essential for communication, learning, social adjustment, and emotional stability, impairment may lead to difficulty with everyday activities. The earlier these difficulties are identified, the sooner appropriate intervention can begin. 

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